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Air Passenger Rights

Your Air Passenger Rights are protected by Regulation (EC) 261/2004. This Regulation provides common rights on flight compensation for passengers in the event of more than 3 hours delay, cancellation or denied board access and luggage problem.

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Right of care when your flight is delayed by more than 2 hours, canceled or denied access.

Regulation EC 261/2004 uses airlines that need to take care of you during problems with your flight by offering:

  • Two free phone calls

  • Email or free fax

  • Free food and drinks

  • Hotel accommodation

  • Transport to / from the airport


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What does PAY FIGHT do?

PAY FLIGHT assists passengers carried by airlines that have a problem with flights (delayed, canceled flight, denied boarding, low-cost accommodation) to receive compensation due to the airline, as well as reimbursement the value of the ticket, and any other costs incurred in dealing with the problem.

Through us you can claim and defend your rights.

We will contact the airline on your behalf and take all necessary steps to pay you the compensation due.

In the event that the airline refuses to pay the compensation due voluntarily, we could take action to enforce your legal rights.

In which cases am I entitled to compensation?

According to Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council, each passenger is liable to compensation for delayed flights, canceled flights and baggage problems. To be eligible for compensation, a problem flight must meet one of the following hypotheses:

Be within the EU;
To arrive in the EU from outside the EU and to be operated by an EU airline;
To leave the EU for a non-EU country, no matter what airline it operates.

Can I include additional costs in my claim for compensation? operates entirely in the service of its customers, we accept complaints for additional costs or other types of compensation. When it comes to extra costs, the reimbursement procedure is different for each airline

Why do I need to sign a power of attorney?

By signing a power of attorney, you authorize us and our lawyers to represent you before the airline, before the competent consumer dispute resolution institutions, and before the court regarding the exercise of your right to compensation for a flight problem. We can take the necessary steps to exercise your rights only after we have received a duly signed power of attorney.

Do I need to provide any documents when claiming?

Depending on the particular circumstances, we may ask you to provide us with a copy of:

Confirmation of reservation;
The electronic ticket;
The board card;
Identity card / Passport;
Receipts (if you have incurred expenses for food, drinks, hotel, transport, etc., which in some cases should be provided free of charge by the airline);
Airline’s statement about the delay (if you have one about the reasons for the delay in your flight);
Correspondence with the airline (if you have already tried to request payment of your compensation from the airline).