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Thousands of flights and hotel reservations have been canceled or changed – here’s what to do.

Times are very uncertain for people planning to travel. More and more countries are closing their borders to travelers coming from high-risk countries in Covid-19, many flights are being diverted or canceled. We understand that there is growing confusion and stress for all travelers. So we’ve put together some tips to simplify things. We also asked the Monese team who shared tips and personal experiences.

Which flights are affected

Coronavirus news is changing very quickly. It is therefore important to follow the official news and follow the advice and guidance of health institutions, governments, embassies or consulates as regards travel restrictions imposed. There are many news outlets that inform their readers live on special blogs. For example, in the UK, you can follow the news on Kovid-19 with The Guardian or the BBC.

In addition to following the news and recommendations, look for messages from the airline or agency you will be traveling with. They must send their customers timely notifications of any cancellations, refunds, voucher offers, or changes in reservations. However, they probably have too much work and not enough staff, so be sure to keep track of their websites as most have already posted general information for all their customers (such as easyJet, Vueling and Wizz Air).

Hotel reservations

If you have a hotel reservation, it is best to check with the hotel or agency what the conditions are for canceling reservations and recovering money in the event of a pandemic. Expedia, for example, is soon releasing information about its cashback policy. Airbnb also publishes special conditions in response to the pandemic and to assist its guests and hosts in these difficult times.

If you have travel insurance, make sure it covers everything that will not be refunded from your reservations. This will depend on the policy you paid – whether it includes cancellation coverage, airspace closures, transportation interruptions, and more.

From my own experience

Mini from the UK: “I planned my bachelor party in early April. The airline would probably take me to the country where the party was, but the country closed its borders to all those arriving from the old continent. It looks like I will not be refunded for the flights, but they offer me a free change of the date of the trip (I will have to pay the difference in the price, if any). We were able to get the full amount back for all hotel bookings, thanks to and their free cancellation policy, as well as the impeccable measures taken by Airbnb in this global crisis. “

Even if your flight has not yet been canceled, you may need to spend a few days quarantined.

Melissa from Portugal: “My advice to all travelers is to follow the news not only in the country they are in, but also in the country they will be traveling to. Even if your flight has not yet been canceled, you may need to spend a few days quarantined. If you are quarantined for most of your trip, it might not make much sense to leave. “

Изчакайте туристическата агенция или авиокомпанията сами да анулират пътуването ви. Тогава ще имате по-голям шанс за възстановяване на сумата.

Touli from Estonia: “I was supposed to travel at the end of March, but due to the pandemic, the trip would not take place. My advice to anyone who has made a reservation is to wait for the travel agency or airline to cancel the trip themselves. Then you will have a better chance of a refund. “

Feel free to contact the hotel and check what can be done on your reservation.

Karina from Portugal: “Even if your reservation does not include a free cancellation, still contact them and explore what they will offer you, given the circumstances. For example, a friend of mine was refunded 50% of his amount, although his reservation did not include a refund under any circumstances. “

I do not think they will return my money because I change my plans.

Michel from Germany: “I have decided to postpone my trip to London because the news is changing so fast that it may be impossible to return home. I contacted the site I booked through, to refund or change my reservation. Because it was an advance reservation, it was not refundable. “

Thomas from the UK: “I had to change two fields because of the pandemic. In both cases, I was able to change them for another date at no additional charge. But they didn’t offer me a refund if I canceled the trips. “

Remember that if you feel even a little sick for your own sake and to protect others, you should consider postponing your travels. Stay at home, rest, and if you have symptoms of Covid-19, do not even go to the hospital or pharmacy. Self-isolate, call your local health service and follow their instructions.

We remind you to remain calm and not to panic. Continue to take care of yourself and follow the measures outlined by the World Health Organization and local government. And remember: we are always here for you.

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