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Qatar Airways passengers compensation, flight number QR228  is cenceled from Sofia to Doha by  on 13 April 2019.Get 600 € per passenger now.

Each injured passenger from this flight can claim compensation of 600 Euro. In the event that the airline manages to prove the existence of extraordinary circumstances that caused the delay, the compensation may be refused.
The amount of passenger compensation is determined on the basis of the rules in EC Regulation 261/2004, the amount of compensation being determined on the basis of the distance from the aerodrome of departure and the aerodrome of landing.

All flights delayed by more than 3 hours are entitled to full compensation.

EC Regulation 261/2004 obliges airlines to provide:

Two free phone calls;

• Email or free fax;

• Free food and drink;

• Hotel accommodation;

• Transportation to / from the airport;

You can claim your claim by claiming on our site. When applying for groups of more than 3 people, the PAYFLIGHT commission discounts apply.
The procedure for collecting compensation is completely free of charge and in the event of refusal or failure, you owe absolutely nothing.
In case of successful collection of the compensation you only owe a commission of 20% of the amount of the compensation received.
For assistance and consultation, you can contact us by email: or file a claim HERE.